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The Ionno Process


We walk you through the entire building process from start to finish.
As your construction partner, we believe you deserve a transparent, understandable process when you’re making what might be the most important investment of your life. You will participate in every aspect of the building process and understand clearly all of the material and labor costs.

You won’t receive a “square-foot” estimate or a lump-sum estimate from Mario Ionno Construction. We don’t play those games, so you will receive a full-detail estimate for every item we plan to use in the construction of your home. We don’t make unrealistic promises regarding the cost of building a custom home or using specific materials. Our estimates don’t provide any room to cut corners, so you will always know where your money is going.


When we say we build your home, we mean “we”. We manage every aspect of the construction or remodeling of your new home. We look at the project personally, we estimate the project ourselves, and we work on the project directly. We don’t rely on our employees, contractors, or third-party project managers to complete critical construction project management activities. We do them ourselves. We work with our own experienced crew members to better manage the construction process and ensure the highest quality results. We also remain in contact with you throughout the construction process. This helps to ensure that we and our clients both fully understand all agreements, and the work we’ve agreed upon gets done to satisfaction.

When you work with Mario Ionno Construction, you will not have to deal with the nightmare of cost overruns because we start the process by being transparent with you and continue being transparent with you throughout the home construction process.

Attention to Detail

We pay attention to every detail, even the ones you don’t see. If you ask most people what the most important part of a home is, they might say the living room or the kitchen or dining room. They may put a lot of thought and effort into the bathrooms, or the back yard. From our perspective, the most important part of the home is the foundation. A home that sits on a solid foundation can last for centuries. However, the finest materials and the best craftsmen in the world cannot save a home built on a poor foundation. There is one specific way to build a foundation that lasts. Most builders don’t use it because cutting corners on the foundation is an easy way to increase profits. Mario Ionno Construction builds foundations to last, and that’s especially important in Northeast Ohio.

But we don’t stop at the foundation. Every aspect of our construction process delivers commercial construction quality. We never worry about cutting corners because we don’t have to. Instead, we explore ways to improve our homes and make the finished product even better.

Materials make the difference

We choose only the highest quality materials. Quality materials really do make the difference. Many construction materials today offer solutions that have no real benefit to the homeowner. For example, an engineered material may be lower quality, but it is easier to build, transport, store, or install.
Or it might cost less, or be easier to acquire. Those are all benefits to the manufacturer, the seller, or the builder. They don’t improve the quality, cost, or longevity of the home.

Mario Ionno Construction doesn’t see these as solutions; we see them as problems because everyone knows that you can’t build a straight wall with cheap, warped, or crooked studs. Low-quality materials never make it into your home because we reject them. A Mario Ionno Construction roof starts with water protected ¾” OSB sub floor and 5/8” OSB sheeting. Not only will that make your roof lines straight and flat, it also makes them incredibly strong to stand up to the snow loads we can receive in Northeast Ohio.

We use very specific materials that we know and trust from our years of experience in working with them. Our clients are often surprised to learn that the highest quality materials are not significantly more expensive than low-quality ones. That doesn’t mean your materials choices will be limited.
We can source virtually any hardwood you want for floors, doors, and trim.

Many “custom” homes use off-the-shelf components like pre-built cabinetry. These cabinets are cheaply manufactured and will not stand up to the heat and humidity of a kitchen. You can expect these manufactured cabinets to last 10-15 years. Mario Ionno Construction solves this problem by not using manufactured cabinets. Our staff cabinetmakers construct furniture-grade cabinets from solid materials to the exact specifications of your kitchen and bathrooms. With proper ordinary care, our cabinets will last for decades.
Our standard trim and flooring are what most builders consider an upgrade. And we apply these standards to every task – whether we’re working on a million-dollar home or a small remodeling project.

Built-in Craftsmanship

Authentic quality happens when you put the right materials in the hands of experienced craftsmen. Mario Ionno Construction relies on construction techniques developed and used for centuries by Old World craftsmen. We use the finest quality finishings throughout your home, including everything from exterior stone, siding, and roofing to interior paint, trim, flooring and cabinetry on the inside. Most people believe that the highest quality materials and finishes are the most expensive. That’s not true; but it takes skilled craftsmen to bring out the best in them. Most builders are content to stop at “good enough.” We’re not. We know that you may find other well-built homes, but you will find none better than a Mario Ionno home.


We don’t build homes on spec. Regardless of the size of your project, we want you to be confident that we do everything in the owner’s best interests. Every dollar the homeowner spends with us comes back to them in the form of high-quality production. We carefully manage our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that we complete every aspect of the project to the owner’s immediate and long-term satisfaction.

If you want to see other examples of Ionno finish quality, look in the corners of an Ionno-built home. Many finish carpenters insist on using white trim because they can easily caulk the gaps where trim pieces meet. We use genuine hardwood, and precisely fit the trim in the corners.
When you don’t make mistakes or use low-quality materials, there’s nothing to hide.

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