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The future of every home rests on its foundation. Done correctly, a foundation can last for centuries. Done incorrectly, it can crack, leak, and ultimately fail within just a few years. Most people don’t think about a home’s foundation, but the home’s foundation will impact every other aspect of the home, including how long the home lasts.

At Mario Ionno Construction, we know how to build foundations that stand the test of time. The key to a solid foundation lies in its construction.

The masons at Mario Ionno Construction do more than simply lay blocks and pour foundations. We place kickers made of rebar prior to pouring the slab to maintain proper alignment between the slab and the foundation, and also the alignment of the foundation walls. We also use two continuous rebar lines throughout your foundation. There are no breaks in the rebar footers, which gives the foundation walls uncompromising strength.

We do more than set your new home on a firm foundation. Mario Ionno Construction works with engineers and architects throughout the construction process to ensure that all of the materials we use in your home will stand the test of time.

A strong foundation alone is not enough, though. To stand up to Ohio’s clay soils and hard winters, draining water away from the foundation is critical because standing water next to the foundation can freeze in the winter. This process is known as frost heave. As water standing in the soil freezes, it expands. Under the right conditions, expanding ice can exert 100,000 pounds of pressure or more per square inch against a solid wall. A foundation cannot survive this kind of seasonal assault. The best way to eliminate this hazard is to remove the water from around your foundation.

We use footing drains with a 3,500-lb crush resistance – the best available on the market – at the base of your foundation. Then, we surround the foundation with a uniform 16″ gravel channel from the base of the foundation to within 12″ of grade. Gravel will not hold water, so the water drains into the crush-resistant footing drains and does not build up around your foundation.

Removing water quickly and efficiently means that the foundation will not experience frost heave, which can weaken and crack a block foundation within a few years. We backfill the area adjacent to the foundation, and then we thermoseal and waterproof the foundation to ensure your basement stays dry.

Before you select a builder for your new home, ask if the builder has had foundation problems at previous job sites. Only a properly constructed foundation won’t crack, leak, or buckle. A poorly built one will usually show signs of damage within the first few years.

We work directly with the
engineers who design the steel support beams and floor joists for your home. We also work directly with the engineer who designs the roof. We also consult with engineers and architects throughout the construction process, whenever we feel it necessary.

We use only the highest quality lumber and stud materials for your home to ensure that the framing meets our exact design requirements. This also helps to ensure both initial quality and longevity and makes a Mario Ionno home structurally superior to homes built to lesser quality standards.

We work regularly with experienced construction crews who have demonstrated their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Our construction teams are fully insured, which provides the homeowner
with the highest level of protection possible while the home is
under construction.

We use the highest quality doors, windows, cabinets, flooring and trims. Most builders use “builder grade” doors, windows, and finishes. We include the highest quality doors, windows, trims, fixtures and finishes. You don’t have to ask, and you don’t have to pay more to get the quality you want for your custom project.

At Mario Ionno Construction,
we focus on quality, we don’t cut corners. We would rather lose
your business than sacrifice
quality, so you won’t pay premium prices for cheap materials,
and you won’t find us using
inferior products in
your home.

Mario, Giovanni and their crew physically work on every job. We can keep our prices competitive even with doing these because our work on each project lowers the overhead, which we pass along to the customer. By working directly on all projects, we maintain complete control of the project at all times.

Mario Ionno Construction does not build homes on spec. Every project we do is unique in design, and uniform in the Mario Ionno Construction process. We don’t have stock floorplans, and we don’t limit your material choices. You can use any available material that’s
fit for purpose.

Our focus on quality limits the number of projects we accept each year. We only take on a few home-building projects each year and a limited number of additions and remodeling projects. This ensures the highest quality for every project. It also ensures that we can devote our attention to every job we take.

No builder who builds 8-10 or more houses a year can keep track of good quality or work on the job. When builders do that, the completion schedule drives everything else, making it virtually impossible to address all of the fine details that make a quality home construction project.
At Mario Ionno construction, we don’t over-commit our resources!

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